Committees & Groups

Committees & Groups

Committees of the meeting are a vital part of how the spiritual life of the meeting becomes enacted in the world. Serving on a committee of the meeting enables Friends to share their particular gifts and to deepen community within the meeting. Service through a committee allows Friends to engage in the life of the meeting providing familiarity with Friends faith and practice.

Bellow are the committees that meet most regularly at AFM. There are other committees that are active for particular seasons or when need arises. For a description of all the meeting’s committees see the AFM Handbook.

Administration Committee – is composed primarily of representatives from other Meeting committees and the staff members of the Meeting. It serves as the overall coordinating group for functions and activities that impact the physical meetinghouse itself and the paid staff of the Meeting. The Administration Committee coordinates maintenance & improvements to the meetinghouse and grounds, use of the building including rentals, and other logistical concerns. Contact: Administration Committee
Care & Counsel Committee – cares for the needs of individual members and attenders and encourages them to participate fully in the Meeting community. Contact: Care & Counsel Committee
Committee on Undoing Racism in Atlanta Friends Meeting (CURAFM) – The purpose of this committee is to deepen our spiritual lives and our ability to hear the spirit in the voices of all who worship in the Atlanta Friends Meeting. Although Social Concerns Committee, through Quakers for Racial Equality, also works on ending racism, the Committee on Undoing Racism in Atlanta Friends Meeting (CURAFM) is necessary to ensure we don’t lose the focus of working for racial equality within our own spiritual community as well. Contact: CURAFM
Ferguson Cabin Stewards Committee – Manages the Ferguson Cabin property, and is responsible for the use, scheduling, maintenance, finances, and the future development of the property and reports regularly to the Meeting.
Finance Committee – Monitors the receipts and expenditures of the meeting, prepares an annual budget, communicates at least quarterly at meeting for business.
Hospitality Committee – This committee assures that items are available in the Meetinghouse kitchen for the weekly coffee time at the rise of Meeting for Worship and other events. It also arranges hospitality for out-of-town guests of the Meeting including accommodations, meals and transportation. Contact: Hospitality Committee
Landscape Committee – Manages the maintenance and improvement of the Meeting’s grounds. The work may be done by volunteers or under contract for professional services.
Library – Maintains and improves the Meeting Library purchasing books and other material as needed.
Meeting House Committee – Manages the maintenance and improvement of the Meetinghouse physical facilities.
Ministry & Worship Committee – This committee seeks to ensure that each meeting for worship begins with quiet and reverent assembling; that it proceeds on the basis of a silent and attentive search for divine guidance; that it is served by spoken ministry inspired as way opens and addressed to the conditions of those present; and that it is closed at an appropriate time. Contact: Ministry & Worship Committee
Nominating Committee – Matches the talents and interests of members and attenders of the Meeting with the needs of the Meeting. Contact: Nominating Committee
Religious Education Committee – supports children from nursery care through high school by providing supportive environment for young friends to explore their values and beliefs and learn about the faith of Friends and by providing worship and learning opportunities. The committee recruits, trains, and supports teachers and doorkeepers and fosters the relationship between adults and children in the Meeting. Contact: Religious Education Committee
Social Concerns Committee – This committee encourages and supports individual members and attenders in their social concern leadings. It plans and organizes the Meeting’s social outreach, including making donations on behalf of the Meeting. Quakers for Racial Equality and Green Friends are currently active examples of the kinds of subgroups that can be periodically formed under the umbrella of the Social Concerns Committee. Contact: Social Concerns Committee
Green Friends: Friends whose special concern is for the environment and the affects of global climate change on all people.
Friends of Color: Friends of Color (FOC) is an affinity group that is a part of the Atlanta Friends Meeting community. 
FCNL Advocacy Teams: A program of the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) that uses the power of constituents to advance legislation promoting peace and justice.
Quakers for Racial Equality: Is a group of Friends who work for equity and racial justice at the individual, institutional, and societal levels. Contact: QRE
Young Friends Support Committee – The purpose of this committee is to encourage, nurture and build a Young Friends Program that models Quaker process and values by fostering community building, worship, service and fellowship. Contact: Young Friends Program Coordinator

Public Contact Emails ( for AFM Committees, Clerks, and Administrators

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Quaker and other organizations with AFM representatives

Please reach out to the AFM office coordinator ( to get contact information for the current AFM representative.

  • American Friends Service Committee
  • Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association [SAYMA] representative
  • SAYMA Ministry & Nurture committee member
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation
  • Decatur Cooperative Ministry
  • Decatur Emergency Assistance Ministry
  • Friends World Committee on Consultation