Committee on Undoing Racism in Atlanta Friends Meeting

Membership: Members and attenders of the Atlanta Friends Meeting who feel particularly led to ministry in undoing racism. 

Terms: Three-year term for the clerk. 

Meetings: Meetings are usually held once a month, at a time chosen by the committee. 

Purpose: The purpose of this committee is to deepen our spiritual lives and our ability to  hear the spirit in the voices of all who worship in the Atlanta Friends Meeting. Although  Social Concerns Committee, through Quakers for Racial Equality, also works on ending  racism, the Committee on Undoing Racism in Atlanta Friends Meeting (CURAFM) is necessary to ensure we don’t lose the focus of working for racial equality within our own spiritual community as well.  


  1. Provide opportunities for the AFM community to grow in understanding racism.
  2. Support AFM in its struggle against racism. 
  3. Help make the Meeting a safe place for individuals and families of color. 
  4. Create opportunities for all people in the Meeting to engage in respectful, loving  dialogue around issues of racism. 
  5. Help those in the Meeting community make their lives a witness for undoing racism.

The Committee on Undoing Racism in Atlanta Friends Meeting (CURAFM)  meets monthly on 1st Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. ET. Links for the online meetings appear in the AFM weekly announcement sheets. CURAFM helps Atlanta Friends Meeting become a more equitable anti-racist multicultural spiritual home for all. CURAFM, with the help of the Ad Hoc Anti-Racist Policies group, developed the Interpersonal Racist Incident Policy.  CURAFM also provides educational opportunities on addressing individual and institutional racism, working with restorative circle practices, and building multiracial community in the Meeting.

Contacts: CURAFM (Lissa Place or Susan Firestone)