Ferguson Cabin Stewards Committee

This page is about the Ferguson Cabin Stewards Committee. Please go to this page for information about Ferguson Cabins.

Membership: Five to nine members or attenders of the Atlanta Monthly Meeting are approved by the committee and by the Meeting.

Terms: Three years. No more than three members should rotate off the committee in any one year.

Meetings: The Committee usually meets once a month at a time and place determined by the members.


  1. Oversees the Ferguson Cabin property, and is responsible for the use, scheduling, maintenance, finances, and the future development of the property.
  2. Reports regularly to the Meeting, and needs the Meeting’s approval only for those decisions that require a financial commitment from the Meeting, or which might significantly affect the present plan for the property.
  3. Manages the property, preserving its present character for the purpose of the spiritual, educational, recreational, and social benefit of those who use it. The Committee has agreed not to alter the use or sell the property unless major changes in the surrounding environment prevent continued use.
  4. Maintains its own savings and checking accounts and disburses money as needed. Income is generated by requesting those who use the property to contribute fees, by Cabin Supporter annual fees, by annual budgeted amounts from the Meeting, and by general gifts.
  5. The Cabin is used by individuals, families, and groups from the Meeting, as well as by like-minded religious and community groups.
  6. Encourages Friends and others to make maximum use of this wonderful facility.