Meeting House Committee

Membership: Members and attenders of the Atlanta Friends Meeting. There are usually  3-5 members. Active participation in workdays and routine maintenance is expected of  all members and attenders of the Meeting. 

Terms: Three-year, non-consecutive terms.  

Meetings: Meetings are held as needed. 


1. Oversees the maintenance and improvement of the Meetinghouse physical facilities.  The work may be done by volunteers or under contract for professional services. 

2. The physical facilities comprise the interior of the Meetinghouse including the  furnishings, contents, and utility systems. 

3. Plans and encourages participation in regular workdays to perform maintenance tasks. 

4. Oversees the implementation of plans to make major improvements to the  Meetinghouse.  Note: The Meetinghouse and Landscape Committees work closely together but are not  responsible for other properties owned by the Meeting such as the Ferguson Cabin.