Social Concerns Committee

Membership: Members and attenders of the Atlanta Friends Meeting. Meetings are  open to all that wish to attend. There are usually 5-7 members. 

Terms: Three-year, non-consecutive terms. 

Meetings: Meetings are usually held once a month, at a time chosen by the committee. 

Purpose: This committee encourages and supports individual members and attenders in  their social concern leadings. It plans and organizes the Meeting’s social outreach. Quakers for Racial Equality, and Green Friends are currently  active examples of the kinds of subgroups that can be periodically formed under the wing  of the Social Concerns Committee. 


1. Financial: Prepares an annual budget and presents it to the Monthly Meeting for  approval. Items in the budget include support for projects, which involve meeting  members and attenders, for community organizations when the Meeting is a member  and for organizations and projects. Reviews requests for spending from the Social  Concerns Fund, which is for projects involving the whole Meeting, or a number of  Meeting members and attenders. Presents recommendations for use of the Fund to  the Meeting. 

2. Education: Informs the Meeting about social issues through forums, written articles  and announcements. 

3. Reports: Explains to the Meeting the process that led to a recommendation, as well as  why some issues were not brought forward.