Atlanta Friends Meeting Stands with Black Lives Matter

As Friends we are called to the outward expression of the inner workings of the Spirit. Our testimonies help to inform us about what is important in one’s relation to God and with all of creation. At this time we are called to outward action by the Friends testimonies of Peace, Integrity, Community and Equality. While each of us in the Atlanta Friends Meeting will find our outward expression of Spirit, the Atlanta Friends Meeting supports the calls of the current protests for an end to racism in all its forms as we continue to be guided by these testimonies in our work to uproot the effects of systemic racism in ourselves, our Meeting, and within the Religious Society of Friends.

AFM’s ongoing commitment to equality is further reflected in the minutes of our Equality page, which includes our recent meeting Minutes on Anti-RacismRacist Violence & Domestic Terrorism, and for Minute + Forums on Reparative Justice. Also go to our Equality page for the AFM Interpersonal Racist Incident Policy, AFM groups working on anti-racism, and further resources.

“Within the tradition of Friends, testimonies are revelations of God’s will, outward expressions of the inner workings of the Spirit that have been collectively accepted across time.” (SAYMA. (2012) A Guide to Our Faith and Practice, p. 43.)